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    The days of building links to your website from low quality guest posts, private blog networks and directories are well and truly over.

    With Google clamping down aggressively on unnatural link building services, the best way to improve your website’s search engine rankings and generate more traffic is to build natural, high quality links from real blogs, newspaper websites and relevant publications.

    We specialise in building natural links to your website from authoritative websites that Google loves. Our link building services help your website rise to the top of Google’s search engine rankings for your target keywords, all without putting you at risk of search engine penalties or deindexing.

    How do we do it? By planning, writing and promoting outstanding content that blogs, newspapers and other high quality websites love to report on, building powerful contextual and editorial links that strengthen your website, improve your search engine rankings and help you generate more leads, earn more sales and close mode deals.

    Our link building services

    We don’t offer the standard cut-price, low quality link building services that are advertised elsewhere. Instead, we focus on building high quality, natural links from authoritative websites related to your industry. Our link building team uses engaging, link-worthy content to make authority websites link to you, instead of the spam approach used by many other link building agencies.

    The end result of our approach for your website is more links from higher quality websites, online magazines, blogs and newspapers. The end result for your business is higher rankings for your target keywords, more traffic, more leads, more sales, and most importantly, more revenue from your website.

    We offer a wide range of link building services, from linkbait articles designed to attract attention on social websites like Reddit and Facebook to authoritative content that acts as a magnet for influencers in your industry. Since we work with a large variety of businesses, our expert link building team can tailor our approach to best meet your marketing goals.

    Our link building services include:

    Massively shareable on-site content that attracts links from authority blogs, magazines, newspapers, content aggregators and other high-DA, high-PR websites.

    Socially shareable linkbaits that market your business via Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and other social websites, resulting in natural links and social activity that Google loves.

    Authority editorial links from publications and authoritative blogs that reference your content, case studies, blog posts and other content on your website.

    Our link building services are available on an ad hoc basis or as an ongoing service. Whether you need a surge of links to improve your website’s search engine rankings and generate traffic or want to progressively improve your rankings and increase traffic on an ongoing basis, we’re here to provide the authority link building services your business needs to grow.

    How we build natural, authoritative links to your website

    At LinkBaits, we have an expert in-house team dedicated to finding creative ways to generate natural links to your website. Since we specialise in content-driven marketing, we can always find a way to use engaging, creative content to turn your website into an authoritative resource that other websites love to link to.

    Our link building strategy and action process is simple:


    We’ll connect with you to talk about your search engine optimisation goals, the major challenges you face in getting links and the objectives you’d like to achieve from organic search. We’ll also look at your current successes with link building and pain points you face with SEO.


    Our expert link building team will brainstorm link building ideas and create a detailed, effective strategy to reach out to key influencers, editors and bloggers. We’ll also brainstorm content ideas for your website to turn it into a link-worthy resource that other websites love to link to.


    We’ll share our link building strategy with you. Once we have your approval, we’ll get to work creating link-worthy content, writing and promoting linkbait articles, reaching out to key influencers, seeding your content on social websites like Reddit and Facebook, and building natural, Google-friendly links.


    We’ll scale your link building campaign to generate as many high quality, authoritative links as possible from some of the world’s top websites. Since our content is evergreen and shareable, you’ll keep getting links over time as new online influencers discover, share and link to your content.


    That’s it! Your website’s rankings will improve, your inbound traffic will grow and your leads, sales and revenue will increase. Our ongoing link building services ensure your website will become the leading, most visible authority in your industry.

    We’ll keep in touch with you throughout every aspect of our link building process. You’ll be able to see new authority links to your website in articles, blog posts and online content in real time. On average, you’ll only need to spend a few minutes approving our link building approach before launching your link building campaign and watching as the results start coming in.

    While we manage your link building campaign and strengthen your website’s backlink profile, you can focus on running, managing and growing your business.

    Ready to start?

    Are you struggling to build links to your website? Our link building service allows you to build links to your website from authoritative, real, Google-friendly websites that strengthen your backlink profile, improve your rankings and help you generate profitable traffic, leads and sales.

    Contact us using the online query form on the right side of this page and our dedicated team will get in touch within 48 hours to discuss your project and formulate a link building strategy to build authoritative, natural backlinks to your website that improve your search engine visibility.