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      Our Unique Link Building Strategy

      Link Building

      We actively look to place links in existing old content! Why? For a few reasons:

      Googles algorithms are extremely clever when it comes to identifying paid links. Even on large publications such as Forbes, Google can quite easily distinguish the difference between a natural and paid link.

      Because the content we target is existing content that has aged over numerous months or years, Google’s algorithm tends to place greater weight on the outbound links linking to your or your clients site.

      Even when the links are manually reviewed there is no way the links could be labelled as paid links as they are within aged content that has existed for years.

      We use professional outreach to connect with webmasters that run real websites. We do not pay for link placements, instead we work with webmasters to add value to their existing content by linking to your site. Therefore, not only is each link we secure a natural editorial link but it is also relevant to your business.

      Take Control of Your Link Building

      We make it as easy and simple as possible for you to control the types of links that are being built to your or your clients site.

      Choose Your Pages

      You choose which pages on your site we build links too. Allowing you to focus on building exposure to any service page on your site.

      Optimise Your Anchor Text

      You can choose what you want your anchor text, from branded to exact match, partial or generic. You have full control of your anchor text profile.

      Relevance First

      Let us know which industry you want us to focus on and we’ll only build links that a relevant to your businesses industry.

      Choose Your Metrics

      Specify how many links you want within a certain DA range and we’ll only build links that match your criteria.

      Link Building

      Why Use Us

      Our #1 priority is keeping our client’s safe

      We take safeguarding our client’s rankings seriously. None of our clients have received any penalties or had their rankings drop after major search engine algorithm updates.

      Real Sites, No Networks

      We only build editorial links from genuine websites & blogs. We do not use private blog networks or sites built to sell links.

      Established Content

      All of our links are built on pages that are usually several years old, we don’t write new content just to place a link to your site, we build links to your site on existing content that gives you a natural aged editorial link.

      Powerful Domains

      We build links from quality domains that have at least 50 root domains, however the majority of domains have 1000+ linking domains.

      Relevancy Comes First

      Not only do we build links from relevant sites to your industry, but we also strive to place your link in content relevant to the keyword you are targeting.

      Google Friendly

      All of our links will be indexed in Google, and will often have exceedingly high metrics. We don’t guarantee metrics, but it isn’t uncommon to see DA50+ domains.

      Link Building Prices

      • Grade A
      • £300
      • Per Link
      • DA 30 - 70
      • Root Domains 1200+
      • Grade B
      • £250
      • Per Link
      • DA 30 - 60
      • Root Domains 800 - 1200
      • Grade C
      • £150
      • Per Link
      • DA 30 - 50
      • Root Domains 400 - 800
      • Grade D
      • £100
      • Per Link
      • DA 20 - 30
      • Root Domains 200 - 400
      • Grade E
      • £75
      • Per Link
      • DA 10 - 20
      • Root Domains 100 - 200
      • Grade F
      • £50
      • Per Link
      • DA 10 - 20
      • Root Domains 50 - 100