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    From Top 10 lists to helpful How To guides, some pieces of content are designed to attract hundreds, or even thousands of links passively over time. They’re called linkbaits, and they’re pieces we specialise in writing and promoting for you business.

    At LinkBaits, our content ideation and writing team specialises in creating highly shareable, linkable content that spreads around the Internet, building valuable and diverse links to your website from blogs, social websites, online communities and hundreds of other places.

    Not only will our linkbait content put your brand in front of hundreds of thousands of readers — it will also help you build high quality, natural links that Google loves. Our linkbait content is purpose-built for linkability and tailored to your industry, ensuring you get the ultimate in niche-relevant, natural backlinks to your website.

    With our linkbaits, you’ll generate more traffic, improve your brand recognition, earn valuable links and gain the attention of users on social websites like Reddit and Facebook. Since our linkbait content is evergreen, it keeps on generating links year after year, giving you a powerful link building asset that gets more and more valuable every day after it’s published and promoted.

    From ideas to publishing, our in-house team of content planners and creators take care of every aspect of the link baiting process, from brainstorming ideas for eye-catching, shareable content to promoting your linkbaits on high-traffic social websites like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.

    Our linkbait services

    Whether you’re a B2C or a B2B company, our linkbait services are ideal for increasing your website traffic and generating organic, natural links that Google loves. Our linkbaits attract a huge amount of attention online and naturally expand your website’s inbound link profile, helping you to rank higher in Google search for your target keywords, increase the amount of targeted traffic your website receives and generate more sales.

    Our linkbait writing and promotion services are available on a one-off basis for a single piece of linkbait contnet, or on a recurring basis to build a continual flow of natural, diverse and organic links to your website. No matter what industry you operate in, our expert team can help you harness the massive power of viral linkbaits to expand your link profile and improve your website’s search engine performance.

    Our linkbait ideation, writing and promotional services include:

    Unique, interesting and massively shareable Top 10, Top 50 and How To content that’s purpose-built to attract as many links as possible and go viral on social websites like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

    Engaging B2B linkbaits that focus on hot topics and important issues in your industry, attracting social shares and links from your peers and industry publications.

    Focused strategic planning from our expert link baiting team, who have experience generating thousands of high quality, natural links for some of the Internet’s biggest brands and properties

    You can order either an ad hoc linkbait and promotional package or ongoing link baiting services. Whether you need one linkbait to expand your website’s link profile and provide an immediate boost to your rankings or ongoing link baiting to strengthen your website and outrank your competitors, we’re here to provide the evergreen linkbait content you need for continual SEO results.

    How we think of creative linkbait ideas

    At LinkBaits, we have an expert in-house team who’ve planned, created and executed some of the most successful viral linkbaiting campaigns on the Internet. Since we specialise in coming up with creative ways to promote your business using link bait content, there’s no topic too “boring” for us to make fun, unique, exciting and shareable.

    Our linkbait ideation process is simple:


    We’ll connect with you to discuss your marketing goals, major challenges and objectives in order to understand your company’s needs and expectations. We’ll also discuss the target audience you’d like to reach with your linkbait content to build natural, Google-friendly links to your website.


    Our experienced viral marketing and copywriting team will brainstorm linkbait opportunities in your industry and prepare a list of fun, eye-catching and linkworthy content ideas. We’ll also identify the best places to seed your content to ensure it reaches its target audience and earns natural, effective links


    We’ll share our linkbait ideas and strategies with you. Once we have your approval, we’ll write your linkbait content, source high quality images and publish the content online, either on your website or on one of our high quality partner websites.


    We’ll kick-start our promotional link baiting engine by seeding your content to key influencers and promoting it on highly relevant online communities, encouraging readers to share your content with their friends and colleagues, building valuable, natural links to your website in the process.


    Since the linkbait content we publish and promote is evergreen, you’ll keep receiving natural links from bloggers, social media users and other online influencers for years. Our linkbaits act as a constant link building asset for your website, strengthening your search engine rankings month after month, and year after year with real, natural links that Google loves.

    You’re kept in the loop throughout the entire link baiting process. On average, you’ll only need to spend a few minutes approving each linkbait we publish. Our experienced in-house linkbait writing and promotion team manages every aspect of the link baiting process, from brainstorming content ideas to writing your content, formulating a promotional strategy and seeding it to key link building influencers.

    While we take care of your linkbait campaign, you can focus on running, managing and growing your business.

    How we market and promote your linkbaits

    Linkbaits are purpose-built to attract as many links as possible, so it’s essential that they’re promoted to the right audience. Without great promotion, even the most linkable article can fail to attract any attention, leaving your business with few, if any, links and little in the way of SEO benefits.

    That’s why we don’t just write and post your linkbaits — we also execute a detailed, highly effective promotional strategy to ensure they reach the right people. Our team will seed your linkbait to popular bloggers, huge social communities like Reddit and social networks like Twitter and Facebook, ensuring your message is read, shared and linked to by the largest possible audience.

    This real, organic social activity signals that your website is a trustworthy, popular resource, encouraging Google to rank your website higher for its target keywords thanks to authoritative backlinks, evergreen content and massive amount of social activity. The end result is higher rankings, more traffic, and most importantly, more revenue.

    Ready to start?

    Would you like to start building links to your website the natural way? Our linkbaits allow you to harness the huge power of social communities, online influencers and authority websites to build natural, valuable and Google-trusted links to your website.

    Contact us using the online query form on the right side of this page and our dedicated team will get in touch within 48 hours to discuss your project and formulate a link baiting strategy to build backlinks to your website, improve your search engine rankings and increase sales.