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[2], The Scott Trust is a limited partner in GMG Ventures LP, founded in 2017,[3] according to the GMG 2018 annual report, "this £42m venture capital fund is designed to contribute financial returns and to support GMG’s strategy by investing in early stage businesses focused on developing the next generation of media technology".[4]. Board members with deep ties to HSBC, together with the fact that the 'Guardian' newspaper is the single largest recipient of HSBC advertising revenue, have led some reporters to allege editorial influence and the "spiking" of 'Guardian' stories about cases of massive fraud perpetrated by HSBC in the UK.[7]. “Given the announcements the Prime Minister has made today he will no doubt be able to list the full range of other free trade agreements and other markets that we’ll be sending Victorian products to. The Trust was reconstituted in 1948 and 2008 it was replaced with The Scott Trust Limited, a limited company with the same protections for the Guardian enshrined in its constitution. “Well, look, if the Prime Minister has time to be doing those things, that’s fine for him,” Mr Andrews said. Accounts. “The groundless accusations made by some Australian politicians are totally untenable,” Mr Zhao said. Both companies have their individual strengths and … Picture: NCA NewsWire / Wayne TaylorSource:News Corp Australia. At this time John Scott also gave up his exclusive right to appoint trustees; the trustees would henceforth appoint new members themselves. “Where any foreign government seeks to undermine the sovereignty of Australia’s foreign policy by seeking to do deals with subnational governments, Australia needs to protect itself from that,” he said. The organisation aims to increase access to the media for everyone. Ascott's portfolio spans more than 180 cities across over 30 countries in Asia Pacific, Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the USA. The Ascott Limited is a Singapore company that has grown to be one of the leading international lodging owner-operators. This leaves an investment fund which is likely to be in excess of £850 million to underwrite Guardian losses. The sale was finalised on 28 March 2010 and ended the Scott Trust's association with regional newspapers. The first and only Chairman of the first Trust was John Scott. British newspaper company which owns The Guardian, "Alex Graham appointed as seventh chair of the Scott Trust", "Guardian Media Group plc (GMG) results for the financial year ended 1 April 2018", "Guardian-owning Scott Trust to fold after 72 years", "Guardian 'secure for generations to come' after tax-free bonanza of £619m from Auto Trader sale", "Alan Rusbridger to stand down as Guardian editor-in-chief", "Former Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger leaves Scott Trust", "Guardian Media Group to cut 250 jobs in bid to break even within three years", "THE SCOTT TRUST LIMITED: Corporate governance", "THE SCOTT TRUST LIMITED - Filing history",, Publishing companies of the United Kingdom, 1936 establishments in the United Kingdom, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Chair of the Scott Trust Limited board (2016 – present), Editor-in-chief, Guardian News and Media (June 2015 – present), Chief executive officer, Guardian Media Group (March 2020 – present), Journalist director of the Scott Trust Limited board (2016 – present), Historian, had also been writing for Guardian, Chief executive office, Guardian Media Group (June 2015 - January 2020), "To secure the Trust's own continuity by renewing its membership and by dealing with threats to its existence, To monitor the organisation, financial management and overall strategy of the Group, holding the Board accountable for its performance, To appoint and 'in extreme circumstances' to dismiss the editors of, To act as a 'court of appeal' in the event of any dispute between the editorial and managerial sides of the operation.".