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Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? The program taps this topical interest in an often misrepresented subject for viewer interest. So are we. This message will appear once per week Promised You a Miracle is intelligent, entertaining, readable, convincing and timely. Eventually the couple is convicted of manslaughter and placed on probation. Jobless and troubled by Wes's medical dependency, Larry, for instance, is portrayed as an easy mark when friends press him to turn to God for help. The format used is not strictly ``docu-drama,'' which attempts to re-create the feeling of actual documentary footage. It reduces basic reasoning by its characters to clich'es, making their actions seem a conspiracy against common sense. Dave Thompson of Allmusic noted its "funky bass line", "bright melody", and "splashy keyboard hook". logged you out. A range of dramatic devices is used to suggest the fateful consequences of the family's ``mistake,'' with help of a talented cast and well-paced direction.

It quickly proves to be a loaded production that skillfully manipulates a tragic story to deliver this one-sided message: Reliance on nonmedical means for healing is a dangerously deluded practice with potentially fatal results. or call us at 1-617-450-2300. The song was inspired by a funk band that drummer Kenny Hyslop had recorded from an American radio station on a tape. The arrival of the authorities after Wes's death is like a grim reckoning, as if reality was being reintroduced. You don’t have a Christian Science Monitor

[13] It was considered by Jim Kerr to be the first "pure pop" song written by the band, as their first attempt to craft a song specifically for radio listeners. Their home and community life is full of convincing human detail. And when Lucky finally gives up her belief, it's an explosion of repressed anguish - the emotional equivalent of withdrawal symptoms. Drama based on the book ``We Let Our Son Die,'' by Larry Parker. Starring Rosanna Arquette, Judge Reinhold, Tom Bower.

For its first few minutes, ``Promised a Miracle'' comes off like many another TV film. We Drama based on the book ``We Let Our Son Die,'' by Larry Parker. After a relapse, they continue to reject medical means - with Wes's own consent. [15], "Promised You a Miracle" has been praised by many critics as one of Simple Minds' strongest songs.

'', Ultimately the Parkers, who seem a sincere and well-meaning couple at first, are portrayed as detached from reality, talking matter-of-factly about the resurrection they expect to occur at their son's funeral service.