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Her first film gig was as an extra in the 1966 film Hawaii. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! I consider it my base.". Growing her own fruits, vegetables, and herbs is something Winfrey still does today, and doing so has really dictated her life's work. "Alaska isn't a foreign country, where it's kind of suggested, 'Wow, how could you keep in touch with what the rest of Washington, D.C., may be thinking when you live up there in Alaska?'" Above all, we tended our little garden.". He moved out of Arkansas to complete his upper education: Georgetown University undergrad, Oxford with a Rhodes Scholarship, and then Yale for law school. Kate Moss is …

The world's biggest pop star hails from Boca Raton, Florida, where she discovered her love of singing and acting.

He also was a standout student: Legend won the 1989 Springfield City School District spelling bee and skipped fourth grade. "It's real.

Derry, the town in which many of his books are set, is modeled after Bangor, Maine, where King still lives today. Ageless superstar Betty White was born an only child in Oak Park, Illinois. Country music is outside the community. He loved Madison. Obsessed with travel? The stories are endless, but the best and most visual example is probably this impromptu capture of Reeves giving up his seat on the subway. Prolific novelist Stephen King was born and raised in Portland, Maine. When police received a call about an unconscious woman outside an apartment complex in Santa Monica, they probably didn't expect to see JLaw at the woman's side. He's also got a massive online presence.

I want to thank all the people who supported me for 30 years. "I love that Idaho is this sort of kept secret," he told Men's Journal.

It wasn't long, however, before she returned to her home state to start college at the University of New Orleans. It is the peace I find when I am there that I miss the most.". Here is a list of the top 10 most famous female models around the world. He has a ranch and a Hawaiian-style lake house in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, where he also donated money to establish a park, and opened up a bar called Ole Red. "And so, even though I'm from Missoula, Montana, which is not the surrealistic capital of the world, you could be anywhere and see a kind of strangeness in how the world is these days, or have a certain way of looking at things.".
From actors to musicians to politicians, find out which celebrities grew up in your state. Today, many of them visit Jackson's childhood home in Gary to see where a legend was born. And now, there's a Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum in the Baltimore row house where Ruth was born. 100 Famous Women: A list of 100 famous women from the arts, sport, literature, acting and politics.

"I like California, but I'm dyed-in-the-wool Oklahoma," he told Men's Journal. Everyone's favorite muscle-bound movie star grew up in Hayward, California to—no surprise here—a family of professional wrestlers. While controversies followed Jackson throughout his life, including sexual abuse allegations recently brought back into the spotlight by the documentary Finding Neverland, his fans still regard him as an icon. Well, that's hardly the case.

Country music star Blake Shelton was raised in Ada, Oklahoma, where he won the statewide award for top young entertainers before moving to nearby Nashville, Tennessee to pursue his singing career. "But look a little deeper, and you'll see it's all about corporate greed.". Late night host Jimmy Kimmel grew up in Las Vegas after moving to Sin City when he was just nine years old.

Jimmy Kimmel is finally moving to 11:35 on ABC!
Combine this methodology with our own unique expertise as pop culture junkies and we were able to pinpoint the most famous celebrity from your state. They're just like you and me.

Ben & Jerry's was officially born in the bustling college town of Burlington, Vermont in 1978.

Let's set the record straight on this common misconception. "I'm not asking for money or asking for votes. People Who Made a Difference in Health Care, Facts about the extraordinary life of Joan of Arc, George Bush Jnr (1946 – ) US President 2000-2008, Roman Abramovich (1966 – ) Russian oligarch, Rupert Murdoch (1931 – ) Media owner of News Corporation, Al Gore (1948 – ) US presidential candidate and environmental campaigner, Sacha Baron Cohen (1971 – ) English comedian, George Clooney (1961 – ) American actor and political activist, Jimmy Wales (1966 – ) American creator of Wikipedia, Kylie Minogue (1968 – ) Australian singer and actress. Beloved comedian and television host Ellen DeGeneres grew up in Metairie, Louisiana, before moving to Texas at 16 in the wake of her parents' divorce. "I have so many fond memories of growing up here," he said at the time.