bugzilla interview questions

It said it couldn’t take the change in a big red box! You will then be asked for the file name, a one line description, and the file type. 64. * email, XML, console, and HTTP APIs • An Agile centric project and issue management tool. Bug report should be written when defect raised by testers. mysql> FLUSH PRIVILEGES; Next, run the magic checksetup.pl script. Creating an account is extremely quick and easy. Fill in the “URL” box with “http://www.mozilla.org”. Posted on May 5, 2006 May 5, 2006 by Mayank. Red Hat Bugzilla – What happens once I enter a bug? TestTrack Pro delivers time-saving issue management features that keep all team members informed and on schedule.

— On what URL did you discover this bug? The default query for “Status” is to find all bugs that are NEW, ASSIGNED, or REOPENED, which is what we want.

Invariably, some people will be unhappy with the decisions that are made regarding which features aren’t included, but strong leadership is necessary to keep Camino true to its vision.
— Severity

If I will ask you to create a user account in Bugzilla, how will you do it. * The installation process of Bugzilla Unless you have have done a statistically valid sample of Camino’s entire target user base (and neither Bugzilla nor online forums are representative samples), you aren’t going to convince anyone. Lastly, you’ll need to set up a symbolic link to /usr/bonsaitools/bin/perl for the correct lo. 59. * User Interface, General issues having to do with the user interface cosmetics (not functionality) including cosmetic issues, HTML templates, etc. Bugzilla from Mozilla Organization Bugzilla is a “Defect Tracking System” or “Bug-Tracking System”. A simple tool that can be used to manage bugs or just manage to-do lists that have nothing to do with software, this tool can be a good option. You can do a lot through the Query page of Bugzilla as well, but right now Advanced Reporting is much better accomplished through third-party utilities that can interface with the database directly. Bugzilla can dramatically increase the productivity and accountability of individual employees by providing a documented workflow and positive feedback for good performance. Example: 5.2 and acm Bugzilla’s query interface, particularly with the advanced Boolean operators, is incredibly versatile. mysqlgt; select * from table where (column = “some info”); For more advanced reporting, I recommend hooking up a professional reporting package, such as Crystal Reports, and use ODBC to access the MySQL database. Who will be following up on the bug? Bugzilla is a Web based Defect Management Tool allows Testing and Development teams to post and track defects and it is an Open source tool. Can you present an elaborative description of Bugzilla?
Bugzilla databases are typically very small, and backups routinely take less than a minute.