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B. Simone obviously didn’t go to school like most of us 9-5’ers…. Basically, Simone admitted that a team had been put in place to compile creative content for the book, and that she had no idea authors weren't getting the proper credit. ", "I had a vision to create a book for young women to change their mindset and have them manifest because that is how I feel I became successful in life," Simone explained in the post. B. Simone has addressed allegations made from a white influencer that she plagiarized her book -- she admits that she "dropped the ball." Only 4 percent of Black women entrepreneurs ever make it to the $1 million mark (via Forbes), and Simone — the self-proclaimed "Manifest Queen" — crossed this milestone while inspiring others to achieve the same. In case you missed it, B. Simone came under scrutiny after telling Nick Cannon that she won’t date a man with a 9 to 5 due to her lifestyle as an entrepreneur.

Like most creatives I outsourced a team to help me with the details, the graphics, the wording, the arrangement of my book. On top of B. Simone's recent plagiarism controversy, The Blast pointed out that she's facing additional criticism after a July 2020 social media post in which she announced the release of an upcoming rap EP. B. Simone Gets Emotional In Sheer Undies On Powder-Sand Beach, Kim Keeps Mum About Marriage Issues With Kanye, B. Simone Called An 'Embarrassment' In Skintight Bodysuit She Admits Was Made In China, Kelly Clarkson Sued By Ex-Managers Over Millions Owed From 'The Voice' & Talk Show, Cardi B Sources Deny Offset Got Another Woman Pregnant Amid Divorce. As we reported, Meek Mill led the charge over the weekend of defending B Simone from the onslaught of criticism and hate she was receiving following the revelation about her book.

B. Simone …. "Even though this was not intentional, I am still so very sorry to the content creators and I understand their frustration 100 percent.". "I want to be honest with you all ALWAYS!

Cardi B Files For FULL Custody Of Daughter, Kulture, In Offset Divorce. June 2020 was not kind to B. Simone. Though Simone has denied being aware of any plagiarism during the making of her book, she insisted that she was taking all necessary measures to address the matter at hand as the CEO of her brand.

he wrote in defense of Simone. B. Simone has been accused of stealing multiple bloggers' work and completely plagiarizing it in her book, 'Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want.' She stated that the plagiarized material was the fault of an outsourced company, who Simone claimed she had hired to help "bring [her] vision to life. I trusted this team of individuals to take my vision and translate it into what I hoped to be a map towards manifestation." "Me and my team outsourced. After days of being called out via social media, B. Simone is finally addressing the claims that she plagiarized a small content creator’s work. Many took to Twitter and Instagram to leave sarcasm-laden remarks referring to her prior plagiarism scandal.

— B.Simone (@TheBSimone) May 31, 2020 Now, she’s being dragged all over again for previously bragging about being a millionaire and then coming to find out, one of the things that helped her get there (i.e. It's never too late (or too early) for a comeback!

I have been vulnerable, transparent, honest about my whole career," she said in a video shared to her Instagram. The "Wild 'n Out" star came under fire over the weekend after it was revealed that excerpts and content in her book had been plagiarized from online bloggers and Internet memes.