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    The UK’s #1 Organic Link Building Service

    At Link Baits, we specialise in creating and marketing content that generates natural links to your website.

    Great links are the key to achieving great organic search engine rankings. Our team can prepare a content promotion and link building plan for your business that helps you achieve your rankings, traffic and sales targets.


    We can brainstorm, plan and prepare outstanding content that acts as a link magnet for your website, improving your rankings and helping you generate more traffic, more leads and more sales.


    We can promote your content to online influencers and huge communities like Reddit, generate huge brand exposure and a flood of relevant, powerful traffic to your website.


    We can help you build the highest quality links from leading publications, online authority websites, high-traffic blogs and other websites that Google loves.

    LinkBaits Team

    About LinkBaits

    At Linkbaits, we specialise in creating and promoting content that attracts links — lots of links. Our goal is to help you build links to your website and improve your rankings the natural way, through authoritative links from high quality websites, blogs and online publishers.

    Our team consists of writers, content marketers and outreach specialists. Whether you need a piece of viral content that reaches your target audience via Reddit or an authoritative piece of on-page content that attracts new links every month, we’re here to create and promote the content you need to achieve your SEO goals.

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